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Evaluation of Potential: Individual and Group Assessments

Investition     Investing into the future means investing in human potential. However, quite often decisions on selecting executives and on promotions are merely based on intuition, although they determine the competitiveness of a company for many years.

Decision     Entrepreneurs may want to base decisions on facts when selecting „key people for key positions“ and – if ever possible – on their personal assessment of the candidates’ entrepreneurial skills, social competence and, last but not least, his/her acceptance within the organization.

Transparency     With our individual or group assessments, tailor-made to your needs and jobs, we provide reliable data and transparent criteria, supported by a validated personal potential profile.

Our Services     We design and conduct individual and group assessments – assessment or development focused – according to your candidates’ structure: from graduate recruiting to selection of management potential on junior and senior levels.

Consultative Selling Programs

Consultative Selling     The consultative approach to sales is designed to assist your sales professionals in their roles as consultants to their customers and to provide them with an approach to sales that satisfies performance and customer relationship. It provides the alternative to “hard”, “door-to-door” or product-driven selling.

“Total Offer” Negotiations     Optimizing offerings to the customer with a focus on building long-term customer relationships requires flexibility in negotiating within the “magic square” of service package, size/ volume, price and financial terms.

Customer Benefits     “Closing the deal” in today’s competitive environment means customized solutions. Offering benefits, not products, in a clearly structured selling process make the difference.

Our Services     We evaluate, design and conduct highly interactive consultative selling workshops which are in line with your marketing and sales strategy and consider sensitive differences in a multicultural sales environment.

Project Management
Project Management

Competitiveness     Globalisation made you enter in competition on a worldwide scale. This requires high quality innovation with effective time-to-market across all borders of business units, countries, languages and cultures.

Change     Pro-actively addressing change is the requirement of the hour. Project Management is both process and instrument to successfully manage change in the active role of a change agent.

Our services     Specialized in business projects, we provide support in identifying project mandates, structuring project assignments and manage your projects from concept to successful implementation together with your internal project team, thus providing expertise for a limited time and sticking to agenda and milestones.

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