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Management Development Consulting
Management Development Consulting

Human Capital     Managers and employees in all functions and on all levels are your most precious capital. It is the quality of your staff, making use of your financial and technical resources, that decides on your entrepreneurial success.

Implementation of Strategy     In order to motivate your executives to high performance, we check your management development with regard to value-added and/or develop customized concepts, focusing on strategy, corporate culture and management processes of your company.

Consistency     We integrate solutions into your organizational structure and management process and focus on adding value. We prefer simplicity, sustainable applicability, cultural compatibility and transparency to academic perfection.

Our Services     We analyze effectiveness and efficiency of your management development in place and provide integrated solutions which result in the performance you require.

Leadership Development Programs

Strategy Implementation     Our management development programs are tailor-made to your entrepreneurial requirements and concentrate on the four key areas of executive activity, such as market and customers, corporate strategy, management and leadership as well as managing change and project management.

Business Impact     By consequently applying „learning by doing“ on strategies and business-relevant projects faced by your company, our programs contribute directly to the achievement of your business objectives.

Vision and Corporate Culture     Communicating your corporate vision and strategy „with one voice“ and immediate implementation by empowerment across all levels of management create a sustainable performance culture and add value to your company.

Our Programs     For many years, we have been creating and delivering highly successful leadership development programs for senior, middle and junior managers of regional and multinational companies with focus on global markets.

Performance Management

Performance Management     Performance Management creates personal ownership for everyone with regard to tasks, objectives and individual performance and includes personal behavior according to your corporate shared values. This is the indispensable step to your „high performance organization“ and the competitive edge in today’s global marketplace.

Shareholder Value     Performance Management directs the performance contribution of each manager and employee on putting your strategy and annual business plans into practice. This contributes to the value creation for your shareholders.

Incentive and Reward     Persistent implementation of the performance management process provides well-founded data for remuneration systems and bonus schemes, identification of management potential as well as individual performance.

Our Services     We evaluate, design and implement both performance management system and process, which are in line with your strategic intention and remuneration policy.

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